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About Goodwill
Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey

Our Mission: Goodwill Industries empowers individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment to gain independence through the power of work.


The first Goodwill in the New York City Metropolitan area originated in Brooklyn on February 13, 1915. Our organization was started by two clergymen, one from the Brooklyn City Mission and Tract Society and the other from Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, who were inspired by the work in Boston of national Goodwill founder Rev. Dr. Edgar J. Helms. Our founders wanted to help persons with disabilities and disadvantages achieve self-sufficiency. Instead of receiving charity, people in need earned a living collecting and selling donated clothes and household goods, giving birth locally to the philosophy of retail stores funding services for the community.

Goodwill Industries of Brooklyn incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1920 to buy the building that contained its store and workrooms. In 1922, a Manhattan Goodwill was started through the New York Protestant Missionary Society. The Brooklyn and Manhattan Goodwills merged in 1962 to form Goodwill Industries of Greater New York.

Goodwill Industries of New Jersey was founded in Jersey City in 1919 by St. Paul’s Community House. The Brooklyn Goodwill merged with Manhattan Goodwill in 1962 and with Northern New Jersey Goodwill in 1999 to form Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey (Goodwill NYNJ).

Today, our Northern NJ Services central office is located in Newark, NJ. More than 100 years after our founding, Goodwill NYNJ’s double impact of sustainable fashion and power of work continues to ensure a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workforce, and a greener world for all!

A portrait of a woman with long chestnut hair and blue eyes, smiling warmly. She wears a stylish dark purple dress with black shoulder accents, complemented by subtle earrings. The image conveys a professional and welcoming demeanor against a bright, unobtrusive background.
Katy Gaul-Stigge

President & CEO

A cheerful man with a friendly smile is dressed in a crisp white shirt and blue suit with a patterned pocket square. His short curly hair and well-groomed beard add to the professional yet approachable look of the portrait set against a soft, neutral background.
Derick Bowers

EVP, Business Services & Executive Director, GoodTemps

A professional portrait of a woman with shoulder-length curly grey hair, featuring a gentle smile. She's dressed in a bold blue blazer over a black top and accessorized with a strand of pearls, projecting a look of confidence and approachability against a soft white background.
Lisa Goldey

Executive Vice President of People

A woman with curly hair wearing a blue blazer
Dr. Joanna Kibel-Gagne

Executive Vice President, Mission

Ilana Zimmerman

Executive Vice President, Donated Goods Retail

A smiling bald man with glasses is dressed in a blue checked blazer over a light blue shirt. The backdrop is a clean, neutral color, providing a bright and professional appearance to the portrait. His friendly demeanor is conveyed through his relaxed pose and pleasant smile.
Scott Zucker

CFO & Executive Vice President, Finance

Donald Huber

Board Chair

Andrew Baehr, CFA


David Belkin, CPA


Ana Buitrago


Atul Dalmia


Beth Stankard


Bobby Sharma


Brian Fetherstonhaugh


Carley Graham Garcia


Damodaram Bashyam


Deborah L. Weinswig


Douglas Hand


Erik Ulin


Henry Gooss

Chair Emeritus

Jeffrey Oke


Jonathan Sheppard


Kamran Ansari


Katherine Black


Maxwell Osborne


Nick Kaplan


Sharon O'Sullivan


Shilla Kim-Parker


Stephanie Chan


Todd Snyder



Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ, Inc. is committed to full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. The Compliance Program at Goodwill NYNJ creates and maintains a culture of accountability and integrity; improves efficiency; functions as a resource for staff; furthers the organization’s commitment to doing the right thing; helps to maintain job stability; monitors trends; conducts internal reviews; provides staff training; provides guidance to program management through our reviews and reports; helps the organization achieve transparency and accountability, as well as the highest legal and ethical standards while the organization meets its regulatory obligations.

Goodwill NYNJ cultivates a culture of compliance through the commitment of the management team and the Compliance Officer, in conjunction with our code of conduct, policies and procedures, training and communication. Compliance creates and maintains a culture of integrity while defining and identifying best practices.

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