10 WeWork Locations Hold 2-Week Donation Drive to Benefit Goodwill NYNJ

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On June 26, we held an event to celebrate the culmination of the 2-week donation drive that ten WeWork New York City locations held to collect clothing and shoes to benefit Goodwill NYNJ. Donations will be available for sale at our 37 Goodwill stores to power our mission of empowering individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment to gain independence through the power of work.

Recycling clothes and shoes has great impact on the environment. Goodwill NYNJ helped people to divert over 38 million pounds of usable goods out of landfills last year.  While consignment has become popular, the positive impact on the community and the environment is greater when a person donates goods to a nonprofit.

Goodwill NYNJ translates donations into jobs. In 2018, thanks to the nearly one million individual donations we received, we were able to help 2,351 people get a new job outside our stores, including 843 individuals with disabilities.

If your company would like to host a donation drive to benefit Goodwill NYNJ or a corporate volunteering activity, please contact development@goodwillny.org

Donation Drive to Benefit Goodwill NYNJ