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David Brown, Bridge To Technology Program

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Despite working since age 15, David Brown, a Black Brooklyn resident in his fifties, found himself unemployed in Feb. 2022. As a result, he became homeless and had to move into a shelter. David had worked as “311” customer service representative since 2019, and prior to that, he had a stable 13-year job as operations manager at a law firm.

At Goodwill NYNJ, David received case management services, job search and resume assistance. And after considering several work options, he joined our Bridge To Tech program in October 2022 where he attended the Google IT Course and obtained his Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

Thanks to the support of Goodwill’s temporary staffing division, GoodTemps, David interviewed with the Finance department at the Brooklyn Borough on February 2023. Six days later, David was hired for a Complex Customer Service Representative full-time assignment earning $32.15/hr. Now, David is thankful to Goodwill NYNJ for helping him his foot at the door and now is eager to prove himself to get a permanent job in the company!

Story submitted by the Bridge To Tech Program team:

Santosh Peart, Case Manager.

Alexia Francis, Case Manager.

Adria Brown, Job Developer.

Sheree Ferguson-Cousins, Program Director.