Goodwill NYNJ and Arc Herkimer End Partnership in Store Operation

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Goodwill NYNJ and Arc Herkimer have ended their partnership in operating the Goodwill-Arc Herkimer store. The Arc Herkimer will take full control of the store’s operations effective February 1. For almost ten years, sales proceeds from the retail location supported the mission of both nonprofit organizations in their efforts to serve the community.

Kevin Crosley, President/CEO Arc Herkimer said:

“Arc Herkimer and Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey are ending their partnership as of February 1 as Goodwill is concentrating on streamlining their operations. Both organizations are parting on a positive note and Goodwill has provided Arc Herkimer with a solid retail operations foundation. The new Arc Herkimer Goods Store is a win-win. We are pleased to retain all of the former Goodwill employees, both with and without disabilities, to maintain an integrated workforce. Ultimately, through purchases and donations from our generous community, proceeds will continue to benefit programs at Arc Herkimer that are under or unfunded. We look forward to continued success to provide employment opportunities and a wonderful retail alternative for our area.”

Katy Gaul-Stigge, Goodwill NYNJ CEO & President, said:

“On February 1, 2018, Goodwill NYNJ and Arc Herkimer are ending their long and successful partnership in the Goodwill-Arc Herkimer store as Goodwill NYNJ seeks to shift its focus to more effectively pursue its mission. In 2017, Goodwill NYNJ launched Vision 2020, a three-year strategic plan with restructuring the retail portfolio as one of three key objectives. This positive partnership from beginning to end shows how organizations can work in tandem to strengthen communities by employing those looking to build better lives. The Goodwill-Arc Herkimer store offered work experience to local residents in the nearly ten year partnership. Goodwill NYNJ is glad for the opportunity to transition store management to Arc Herkimer so the store remains a valuable resource for the community.”