Goodwill ranks #1 in Brand World Ranking Survey

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The surprising list, topped by Goodwill, Amazon, and Google, shows that consumers perceive “good” in a different way than the experts. Enso, a marketing agency, commissioned the survey which asked 3,000 people how they perceived the “world value” of 149 well-known organizations, from Disney to United Airlines (some non-profits were also included). The results are quite different from traditional brand valuations, like Fortune’s Most Valuable Brands research, which focus on financial value to the exclusion of other considerations.

Millennials and Generation Z voted Amazon, Google, and Disney as the top three brands. Elites,” or those making more than $100,000, were more likely to take notice of non-profits and less likely to take notice of Amazon (ranked 13). Generation X and Baby Boomers also put Goodwill, Amazon, and Google at the top.

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