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Impact Stories

Bianca – Next Steps

Program: Next Steps Bianca’s “never-give-up” spirit gave her the confidence to join the Goodwill Day Hab Program. Here, she has cultivated numerous skills, including her social communication and money management abilities. Of course, she’s making some great friends along the way. These are the steps she needs to take in

Impact Stories

Frank Dineen – Careers in Retail

Program: Careers in Retail Frank discussed in class the many challenges he faced in his life before joining Goodwill NYNJ. When he began the Careers in Retail training, he worked as 3rd Key in the Nanuet, NY Store. Frank was a natural leader at work: He enjoyed interacting with customers

Impact Stories

Naomi Owens – Careers in Retail

Program: Careers in Retail Naomi enjoyed her job even though she had to wake up early each morning to get ready for her more than 2-hour commute to the E. Northport Store. She made $8.25/hr. as Sales Associate and had to pay almost $100/week in public transportation. Her expenses were

Impact Stories

Aurora Miguel – Careers in Retail

Program: Careers in Retail When Aurora joined the Careers in Retail program in early 2016, she worked as 3rd Key in the East Brunswick, NJ Store, where she had worked since 2010. Aurora had a quiet personality in class and mentioned how fearful she was to drive on her own

Impact Stories

Michael – NJ Long Term Follow-Along

Program: NJ Long Term Follow-Along Michael is a 34-year-old man with panic disorder and agoraphobia. He also has a bachelor’s degree from Kean University and has had a job for four years now. But it wasn’t always that easy. Because of his condition, he had trouble going past the seventh