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Isnard Laurent – PROS Rebound

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Isnard Laurent, a Queens man who now is in his forties, came to Goodwill thirteen years ago seeking help to manage his mental health diagnosis, schizophrenia, and to address social and education challenges. He had had short-term jobs intermittently, but had not held consistent employment for the past ten years due to mental health challenges.

First, the Goodwill team provided Isnard comprehensive training in basic living skills and coping strategies to manage the stressors that come with securing and sustaining a job effectively. When he was ready to seek employment, our team provided him employment support, including help with job applications, guidance in finding suitable positions, interview preparation, and discussions on workplace ethics and strategies for career advancement.

A man is seated in an office chair, wearing a blue quilted jacket and a blue baseball cap with an emblem. He is sitting with his hands clasped together, looking slightly to the side. Behind him is a wooden bookshelf filled with binders and documents, and there is a light switch on the wall to his left. The room appears to be a typical office or workspace.

Today, Isnard remains engaged with his community, has learned to manage his medication and symptoms effectively, and continues to work on his journey towards recovery. Most importantly, he works full-time as a dishwasher at OTG Management in LaGuardia Airport. He comments that he enjoys washing dishes, assisting people, connecting with his colleagues, and saving money.

Goodwill NYNJ PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) Rebound is a treatment and rehabilitation program for adults (18+ years old) with serious mental illness that provides assistance with the mental health and substance use issues that prevent participants from achieving their life goals. PROS helps participants gain the necessary skills to live independently, to get a job and to develop the support to integrate into their community.

Story submitted by the Goodwill PROS Rebound team:
Janelle Thomas, Employment Support Specialist.
Anh Dang, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.
Dr. Eng Tan, Psychiatrist.
Sanjida Miah, Program Director.