Julius Latimer, Northern NJ Services

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Julius Latimer, a 34-year-old Black man residing in Hoboken, NJ, came to Goodwill in April 2022 for assistance with securing a job. Despite having previous experience in retail and grocery stores, he was currently unemployed and struggling to find work. In addition, Julius had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

To support him in his job search and interviews, our team in Northern NJ worked closely with Julius. His Job Developer aided him in creating an effective resume and guided him through the process of completing online applications independently.

By August 2022, Julius had been successfully placed in a part-time position as a stock clerk at a Marshall’s Home Goods store in nearby Jersey City. In this role, his responsibilities include unpacking boxes and organizing merchandise on designated racks and shelves. What adds to his confidence in this role is the on-the-job coaching provided by Goodwill, as well as the convenience of his commute to work.

Julius expresses his happiness and gratitude for finding this job, as it provides him with a source of income that allows him to maintain his independence.

Story submitted by our Northern NJ Services team:

Kendall Jones, Youth Skills Trainer.

Silvia Regalado, Job Coach.

Maria Montalvo, Job Developer.

Zinnia Catala, Assistant Vice President.