Larry – Bridges to Success

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“I like working at Goodwill because I can bring extra income to my household and I get to meet new people. Plus, I enjoy going around the building to deliver the mail and saying hello to all staff”

Larry was quiet, reserved, and smiled little when he came to Goodwill NYNJ in 2012. And who could blame him? Larry, a Queens native in his fifties, had been laid-off from his mailroom attendant job after working there for almost fifteen years!

Like many adults with autism Spectrum Disorder (ASDs), Larry struggled to find work. In fact, only one in five adults with ASD works full time or worked full time at their most recent job.

Realizing that Larry could find his way to almost any place in the city, staff from our Bridges to Success program helped Larry find the perfect job for his keen sense of direction. He became a messenger at Goodwill NYNJ. Bridges matches individuals with ASDs to jobs that meet their individual skill set.

Larry then started interning in the mailroom at our Astoria headquarters and was hired as mailroom clerk in 2013. Goodwill NYNJ provides him a Job Coach to help him learn new tasks. Larry is considered a high-functioning individual with autism. His communication and socialization skills have improved after spending time working at Goodwill NYNJ. Larry now volunteers twice per week to help other adults with ASD to achieve their own success.

“Larry is a hard-working and focused individual, takes his job seriously, and is loved by many at Goodwill NYNJ”

John J. Bush