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Naomi Owens – Careers in Retail

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Program: Careers in Retail

Naomi enjoyed her job even though she had to wake up early each morning to get ready for her more than 2-hour commute to the E. Northport Store. She made $8.25/hr. as Sales Associate and had to pay almost $100/week in public transportation. Her expenses were not adding up and Naomi knew she had to make some changes, so she joined Goodwill’s Careers in Retail program in hopes of climbing the retail ladder. Naomi was very motivated and an active participant in class.

Naomi was promoted to 3rd Key with a 25% salary increase after completing the program on April 2016. But most importantly, she was transferred to the Massapequa Store, much closer to home. Her quality of life improved significantly not only because she is earning additional income but also because she is spending less money and time commuting.