Sylvia Morsillo, Career Training

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Sylvia Morsillo is the typical New Yorker in her thirties – she is socially active, full of energy, and involved in multiple activities because she enjoys being around people. Sylvia, who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Anxiety Disorder, is very close to her mom, but currently lives in a building for people with disabilities with her fiancé, who also is a person with disabilities. 

Sylvia loves the arts. She attended and graduated from a high school affiliated to the NY Institute of Technology, where she received independent living skills training. She took voice and piano lessons at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. She enjoys acting as a hobby and has participated in two musicals. She enjoys reading and is a history buff. She is passionate about advocating for LGBT and disability rights. 

Sylvia came to goodwill in July 2019 – she needed help exploring career opportunities. The Goodwill team prepared her for interviews, highlighting the importance of personal appearance and dressing professionally. She received workplace etiquette training to help her understand personal boundaries and limiting social chat at work. When she was ready, she interviewed for a part-time usher position earning minimum wage at The Irish Arts Center on December 2021. There, she greets guests, assists with seating, works the coat check, and serves beverages. She received training to travel in the public transportation system and now travels to work independently. 

“Staff at Goodwill did not put me in a box and tried to find me a job in retail, said Sylvia. “I don’t like retail and don’t want to work there. It took a little longer to get the job, but it was worth it!”