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Trevor Lobban – Bridge Y.E.S. program

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Trevor Lobban came to Goodwill right before Thanksgiving Day 2023. At 22, the autistic Newark resident wanted to acquire the necessary skills to get and maintain a job. Trevor had graduated from high school six months earlier, but he had never worked. His only work experience consisted in a two-month internship as a cook.

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Autism spectrum disorder may pose obstacles in social interaction and communications, according to the Mayo Clinic, so the Goodwill team equipped Trevor with communication skills and tools to navigate the job market. First, he received an individualized strategic placement plan and career guidance after the team assessed his communications and employment skills. Then he received weekly group and 1-on-1 skill-building sessions. Job search supports such as resume building, cover letter writing, completing job applications, interview prep with mock interviews and role-play. Wraparound services included Financial Literacy, public transportation travel training, purchasing his shoes to wear in the interview, and covering the cost of his uniform and license.

On February 8, 2024, Trevor was hired to work 30 hours/week as dishwasher at OTG, a Newark airport concession earning $19.05. And to ensure that he maintains his job, he receives weekly visits from his vocational specialist.

Story submitted by Bridge Y.E.S. team: Emma Herrick, Case Worker
Jason Swain, Vocational Specialist
Maria Hanna, Skills Trainer
Iris Wells, Program Coordinator
Zinnia Catala, Assistant Vice President NJ